Want More Leads? Think Like a Fisherman!

All businesses need leads and most  do not get enough.  What separates the successful ones from the rest?  I’ll tell you – good lead generation is like being a good fisherman.  Have you ever thought about how really good anglers come home with plenty of fish for dinner?   What’s their secret?

Know your fish

Each type of fish (or customer) is unique and lives in a preferred condition with respect to its environment, water depth, temperature, choice of food (bait), and peak activity times. Your potential customer leads are no different.

You may have several types of customers, each with different characteristics wants and needs. If you can understand their habits, the places they frequent, and the types of needs they have, it puts you in a better position to offer the product or service (bait) that they will accept.  Consider developing a set of Customer Personas or Customer Avatars to catalog all the information about your customers in order to understand them more easily and determine which specifics are important to them and your lead generation program.

Fish where the fish are

Experienced fishermen know where the fish are and spend big money on boats to get them, there FAST!  Efficient lead generators take a que from anglers and find the platforms and ‘hangouts’ where their potential customers frequent.  With the plethora of online habitats out there today, places like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn etc. are a good places to begin but like the sea, the internet huge and you need to find the ‘honey hole’ where your leads are responsive.

Just like in fishing, the fish must be present, hungry and offered the correct bait. Fail in one of these 3 critical areas and you will go home with no leads.


Finding the specific habitat, climate and lure (ad message) to generate a lead isn’t easy.  Every marketer needs practice to increase efficiency over time.  Just like a good fisherman or athlete, they make notes on the strategy, tactics and specific conditions of the lead generation ‘event’ and monitor carefully which combinations work best. There is no substitute for practice, however lead generation practice without proper planning and note-taking is just wasting time.


From personal experience, I can tell you that perseverance in fishing or lead generation is a must!  Sometimes the fish just aren’t biting. Sometimes there is a frenzy.  Be patient; work long and hard enough to really exhaust the possibilities.  Changing strategy or tactics too frequently is a common mistake.


Seek expert lead generation guidance

One way to generate leads or catch fish is to seek a guide who knows the waters and can help you accelerate your learning curve.  These services are invaluable for both the new marketer and the experienced one as well.  Even elite performers need a coach and the same is true for people involved in lead generation.  Knowledge is best when shared and a lead generation coach or guide can make a BIG difference.

If you need a little help with lead generation, contact Digital DocKtor, we’ve got some strategies and tactics that will shorten your learning curve.

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