Don Draper understood the power of Story to capture public attention by creating a “sentimental bond” which would supercharge sales. As Don suggests, we as Digital Marketers must always remember that technology enables connection but does not create connectedness.  Social Media platforms, like the newspapers and magazines of Don’s age, connect us but it is the story and emotions which engage us and get usRead More
Baking an marketing campaign
  As a marketer and businessperson, you seek to create great advertising and social media campaigns that your customers and prospects will eat up like cake, resulting in leads and ultimately, purchases.  If you want better results, take some tips from an industry that you might not expect: Bakeries!  I know this sounds strange but as a former baker, I can tell you, there areRead More
DIY Digital Marketing...don't do it alone
  Some things are great for DIY but doing your own Digital Marketing is like building a skyscraper alone... So You Think You Can Do It Yourself? Running a business is no small task and that task is even harder when you have fewer headcount.  Whether a solopreneur or a team of 1-5, you know that time is your most valuable resource and you canRead More
Lead Generation is Like Fishing
  Want More Leads? Think Like a Fisherman! All businesses need leads and most  do not get enough.  What separates the successful ones from the rest?  I’ll tell you – good lead generation is like being a good fisherman.  Have you ever thought about how really good anglers come home with plenty of fish for dinner?   What’s their secret? Know your fish Each type ofRead More
10s to conversion rate success
You Have 10 Seconds To Determine Conversion Rate Get those 10 seconds right and you have a thriving business.  Look at the chart taken from a well-established small business website.  Fully 54.7% of sessions end after only 10 seconds!  How can you improve your odds at converting those 10-second sessions? Understand why customers come to your website. The first step to a better conversion rateRead More

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