Leads & Prospects
How to Get More Leads From Your Website   Almost every day I'm approached by someone with the exact same question, “How do I generate more leads from my website?” My answer is always the same: “By relentless communication of your Unique Value Proposition.”  What is a Unique Value Proposition (UVP)? Your UVP is the essence of your business. It's the thing that only youRead More
Loosing Traffic
  One thing that many website owners overlook is that their users are human.  As humans, we are conditioned to seek out new experiences…it’s in our genes.  If you’re not providing something ‘new and fresh’ on your site with the right frequency, you will suffer traffic loss as users move to another site that engages them more. Do You Have a Problem with Traffic Loss?Read More
Digital Health vs Digital Tactics
“My business doesn’t need better Digital Health; it needs better [insert tactic here]!” ..... Are you sure about that? What is Digital Health? Presented here, Digital Health refers to the overall digital wellness of your business.  If you were to consider the question, “How’s your business’ Digital Health”, you might respond, “Our traffic is strong but our conversions could be better” or “We’re seeing salesRead More
To achieve online success try disconnecting from the internet! The concept of a business with no brick & mortar storefront and no physical product was unheard of 25 years ago and is now so commonplace that we take it for granted. So how could I possibly convince you that to achieve online success, you need to disconnect from the internet? Let me tell you aRead More

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