Can You Explain Your Business Strategy In 15 Seconds Or Less?

Not having a clear, concise strategy is like travelling cross country without a GPS or map...

Those kinds of adventures are great for vacation or when you have no particular place to go however, your business isn't an aimless journey or vacation. You have a goal and ideally, you need to get to that goal with as little effort as possible.  In short, you need a strategy and a plan to keep the business focused and on-track.

Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

With a proper strategy, it becomes possible to communicate complex ideas throughout the organization, to partners and to suppliers.  A good strategy can be measured and adjusted if the desired outcomes are not being met.  It is impossible to optimize a 'fly by the seat of your pants' strategy because nothing is written, followed or measured so that it can be adjusted later when performance doesn't turn out as expected.

Today's business & digital strategic plans are so intertwined that they must be considered together. At Digital DocKtor, we use our years of experience, knowledge and team savvy to help you create a strategy that propels your business forward in a sustainable way.

Business & Digital Strategy Planning

What's a digital marketing agency doing in a place like this?  Easy answer!  One of the cornerstone problems our clients face is the disconnection between their business and their strategic plan.  For many clients, their plan began as "Sell our service/product on the internet and make tons of money."  That may have worked in the early 2000's but not anymore.

Ask yourself a few questions:

  • Do we have a planning process, either formal or informal?
  • Have we identified our Top 3 Customer Personas ?
  • Do we have a set of KPIs that we track each month?
  • Can I explain the role of email vs. social media vs. PPC in our digital marketing?
  • Do we seem to be doing the same thing all the time and expecting the outcomes to change?

If you answer 'No' to any these questions, Digital DocKtor can show you why saying 'Yes' to each will improve your business results.  Contact a DocKtor today and begin a discussion on strategy, you'll be glad you did!