Improve Your Conversion Rate With Digital DocKtor

Do you know the key elements that impact your sites conversion rate?

We do and there is nothing more important than ensuring that each element is fine-tuned to maximize your success.  At Digital Docktor, we specialize in conversion rate optimization and take a holistic approach to the issue.  Our process is thorough and data driven.

Your DocKtor begins with an exacting examination of your website, customer profiles, competitive environment and  business situation to understand your specific situation, and what needs to be done to improve your performance.  In our experience, there are a few themes that poorly converting websites have in common:

  • Poorly defined Value Proposition -  The business' Unique Value or 'Reason to Believe' isn't immediately clear to the visitor.  This causes a disconnect in the user's mind as they arrived expecting to find one thing and found another.
  • A mis-match between your site and the Customer Path to Purchase - Your customers have a unique set of needs, wants and desires and generally follow a recognizable Path to Purchase as they proceed through the purchase funnel.  Often we see that poorly converting sites are out of sync with their customer's Path to Purchase.  From the outset, we strive to understand your Customer Path to Purchase even better than you do so that we can evaluate your site experience from the customer's perspective to discover roadblocks to conversion and remove them.
  • A difficult UX - The User Experience is difficult to manage either from a design standpoint, navigation or functionality standpoint.  At Digital DocKtor, we use a variety industry leading tools to help us identify site browsing behavior that indicates a problem with UX. We then take the data and implement a series of A/B tests to determine which potential site changes make the most positive conversion optimization impact.
  • Challenging business fundamentals - Often, the business environment has suddenly changed, catching the website owner unaware.  Competitive pressures on pricing, selection, delivery or a host of other important business fundamentals, all can contribute to a declining conversion rate.  As part of our intake process, Digital DocKtor evaluates your competitive environment to understand the macro forces at play within your competitive set.  Once identified, we will recommend adaptations that will help increase conversion rate.  As always, these recommendations will be implemented in a structured fashion, bench-marked and measured for continuous improvement.

Whatever your specific situation, Digital DocKtor has the experience, processes and tools to help you improve your conversion rate.  To schedule a consult with us, visit our Contact Page or use the button below.  

We're looking forward to helping you improve!