Improve Your SEO With Digital DocKtor

Did you know the first position on Google desktop has a 34.36% clickthrough rate?

With potential results like this, having a search engine optimization (SEO) plan and process is critical to the survival of all websites! Start with these four steps...

Search Is Like Oxygen For Your Website

No person can live without oxygen for an extended period of time.  You could hold your breath for a few minutes but that's it.  The same holds true for SEO.  Search is the 'Oxygen' that your site needs to stay healthy.  Organic search brings people with purchase intent to your site and if managed properly, drives a higher conversion rate than almost every other digital marketing vehicle. So how do you go about managing organic search properly?

Develop a SEO Plan 

As with every digital marketing tactic we recommend, the first order of business is to develop a plan.  Why?

  • With a plan in place you will set expectations and be able to manage toward them
  • A plan enables proper communication throughout the organization
  • A written plan holds everyone accountable and improves results

Develop a budget and timeline

This is usually included in your overall plan but we think budget and timeline are worth mentioning as separate entities.  Budget is always a touchy subject, especially for young businesses and is directly tied to timeline.  At Digital Doctor, we have a saying: "You can do it cheap or you can do it fast." Usually, the two are mutually exclusive.  Doing a good job on SEO doesn't have to break the bank and it won't take forever if you can't spend thousands but, you need to know what to expect whether you spend heavily or keep a tight budget.

Have Realistic Expectations

Developing a great SEO program and realizing positive results are not going to happen overnight - even if you spend a ton of money.  One of the great fallacies of digital marketing is that all results are instantaneous.  Some tactics produce results very quickly however, SEO isn't one of them.  Expect to spend your budget over a few months and see nothing immediately.  Rely on your Docktor to provide the long-term results you're seeking.  Just like getting over  broken leg takes time, so does SEO.  You wouldn't expect to run a marathon without a few good months of recovery and physical therapy would you?

Begin As Soon As Possible

Because SEO takes a bit of time to show significant results, we recommend that you begin ASAP - even if your budget is very modest.  Each day you wait, you loose the opportunity to capture your all-time Best Customer or to change the life of a New User.

If you want your business to enjoy better SEO and get more "Oxygen" contact us at Digital DocKtor.  Our experts take the time to help you develop your plan and focus on the keywords, pages, and SEO tactics that will drive not only search results, but referrals as well.  We only use approved, white-hat techniques because there are no short-cuts.  Whether on or off page, Digital Docktor can improve your SEO results.  Ask us how we can help you.