Improve Email & Social Media Management

2.5 billion people use social media and email today and that figure will continue to grow...

If you're not effectively engaging your users beyond your website with Social Media Marketing and Email, you're missing a HUGE opportunity!

Communication Is The Key!

Before the internet customer communication meant you actually had to talk to people as they shopped in your store.  Today, we have that ability through dozens of social & email platforms and it is more important than ever.  Your visitors and customers expect to be engaged in several types of communication with you and your brand.  That's where Social Media Management (SMM) and Email communication shine.

Understand Your Customer

Every customer needs information and wants to be heard. Each person responds differently to information and provides feedback across different preferred channels and with different patterns.  As part of your Customer Persona exercise, develop a 'communication map' that explains how each of your customer segments communicates with your brand.  Try and answer these questions:

  • WHAT do I need to tell the customer & what does the Customer need to tell me
  • WHERE is the best place to have this communication
  • WHEN & how often do we need to communicate

If you can answer these questions, then the job of delivering a great customer experience becomes much easier.  Developing an effective social and email communication plan will more deeply engage your customer with your brand, enhancing their experience and conversion rate. 

Pick Your Platforms

Now that you have some idea of the Customer's communication expectations, it is time to determine which platforms will best serve both the Customer and your business.  Each communication platform (Email, Social Media Marketing, Instant Chat, etc.) will need to have a specific role and 'reason for being'as well as a process and management system.  

The most common complaint of Social Media Marketing, and in fact all communication management, is that it becomes overwhelming with too many inputs, processes and ways to make a mistake. 

Manage Your Social Media Marketing Message 

Each platform is best suited to specific types of messages.  Twitter needs short messages; email may be more complex. Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram all work best with specific message types which must be managed for optimal effectiveness.  The bottom line is to try to match your message to the platform and to the customer so that it looks like an effortless conversation.  

Have Fun While Speaking To Customers and Fans

The best examples of great customer communication are often fun and not so serious or 'salesy'.  It IS possible to have fun with your customers and them with you.  The Brew Tea Company is a great example of a company that does a good job with this.  What's the key?  

  • Don't try and do too much
  • Be yourself - Project your authentic brand
  • Be honest
  • Remember that at the heart of everything you do - you're speaking to a PERSON.  We all make mistakes or get upset and then we get over it.  

Digital DocKtor has years of experience in speaking with customers and can guide you on how to develop a better email or social media management program.  We're 'up' on all the latest tools and management platforms and are always interested in using new ones.  Because we design your program with a customer focus and with the end in mind, your days of being overwhelmed are now over.  Ask us how we can help you.