How to Get More Leads From Your Website


Almost every day I'm approached by someone with the exact same question, “How do I generate more leads from my website?” My answer is always the same: “By relentless communication of your Unique Value Proposition.” 

What is a Unique Value Proposition (UVP)?

Your UVP is the essence of your business. It's the thing that only you can provide to all the millions of people that need your product.   A website browser will become a lead if and only if your UVP resonates with them.  Consider my interpretation of the UVP of some famous brands:  

  • Starbucks - 'The place to experience coffee'
  • Nike - 'Enables you to be an athlete'
  • - 'All the world's product brought to your door'
  • Apple - 'Simple, easy to use technology with awesome design' 

   Nike Value

Starbucks Value

What you're doing wrong

You don't understand your customer and the real reason they buy from you. (Hint: It's not all about the product)

If you did, your UVP would be obvious and you wouldn't be reading this now because you'd be too busy selling to customers and turning leads into prospects.  

Starbucks understands that their customers are craving experience, warmth and connection and are willing to pay $5 per cup to get it.  Apple knows their customers will pay $999 for the latest smartphone so long as they deliver an easy to use device in a beautifully designed shell which delivers on the tech expectations of the user.

What expectations do you deliver on for your customer?  Do you meet the emotional needs of your clients as well as their product needs?

You're selling products not solutions

By selling products online you have only three possible advantages over your competition: Service, features and price. I assure you that if you are doing well now, someone will out-feature you and/or undercut your price. It's only a matter of time. Service may keep you afloat for a while but not without one of the other two advantages.

Consider JC Penney, once a growing and vibrant retailer.  They relied on constant price discounting with little customer connection to the brand.  Recently JC Penney said they were closing another 130-140 stores (14% of all store locations) in a cost cutting effort.  At their peak, JCP had 2053 stores; with these closings they're down to less than 975.

How do I create a Unique Value Proposition?

Listen to your customers.

Develop a system to engage with customers and hear their feedback both good and bad. By understanding the Customer Journey you'll develop understanding of their problems and the potential solutions. In addition, you will gain insight into what irritates customers about their interaction with your business.

Don’t think you have the answer

You're too close to the business and can’t see the solution. It’s OK, everybody has pre-conceived ideas and areas of weakness. Good business people understand this and rely on the advisers, friends and associates around them to help see their biases and fill-in blind spots. Consider enlarging your team to include an impartial observer who can assess your business value from an objective viewpoint.

How long will it take?

There's a formula and a process for success which begins by listening to the customer and selling solutions rather than products. Developing your UVP takes time, study and patience. Very little that is worthwhile happens overnight and building a strong UVP is the most worthwhile project a business can undertake. For some, the UVP is an easy exercise, for others it will take longer. Most importantly, resist the urge to take shortcuts as the process is as important as the result when building your Unique Value Proposition.

To learn more about how to develop a Unique Value Proposition and use it to generate leads from your website, contact Digital Docktor,  we’ve helped many businesses just like yours.

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