Need More Leads? Digital DocKtor Shows You How!

Lead generation doesn't have to be frustrating or a chore if you remember a few simple tips...

You've tried lead magnets & Adwords. You've tried Facebook, content marketing, SEO and host of other tactics but come away disappointed.  "What's the secret" you ask? 

Understand the customer problems that drive leads

You're kidding right? No, absolutely not!  You would be amazed at how many businesses don't understand the key drivers that generate their leads!  It's easy to tell those businesses...they have special offers...all the deep discounts, "Because nobody will buy unless we run a special." Price is important but your customer is a bit more savvy that than that, we assure you.

If you understand your customer's purchase cycle, their needs and pain points, lead generation becomes like a jigsaw puzzle.  You have that one piece that's hard to find and holding up the completion of the puzzle.  Other pieces may fit (with a little force) but your solution satisfies the customer need exactly. Once the customer recognizes the solution to their problem is in front of them, you have your lead.  

Simple right?  If it was, you wouldn't be here!

Start with a plan

Very few great business processes happen organically and lead generation is an excellent example of a process that must begin with a solid plan and be optimized over time.  At Digital DocKtor, we help you develop that plan from Step 1 through to Lead Capture.  Initially, we work to understand and validate your customer's Path to Purchase.  Knowing where and when to insert your product or service into the Path to Purchase will improve your lead generation capabilities guaranteed.  

Your plan needs to take into consideration the following elements:

  • Length of the purchase cycle
  • Customer avatar - What's important to your customer, where do they seek information, which content types do they prefer, etc.
  • Specific information the customer needs to make a decision
  • The breadth and depth of your content library to fulfill the customer's information needs
  • Your lead generation systems (email, website, social & paid media, outbound sales) and how they work together

Test, Execute and Improve

No amount of planning and preparation will substitute for experience.  Some of what you do will work, some won't.  This is where many businesses get stuck - they have a few lead generation failures and are unable to adjust and improve the program to something that becomes efficient.  Digital DocKtor works side-by-side with you to determine what's working and what's not.  We test new methods, evaluate test results and then modify the tactics, programs and sometimes even the entire strategy until you have a steady flow of leads that you can convert into customers.

If you need help at any point in the Lead Generation journey, contact us and we can discuss your lead generation program and how to improve its effectiveness.