You Have 10 Seconds To Determine Conversion Rate...

Get those 10 seconds right and you have a thriving business.  Look at the chart taken from a well-established small business website.  Fully 54.7% of sessions end after only 10 seconds!  How can you improve your odds at converting those 10-second sessions?

10s to conversion rate success
10 seconds to conversion rate success

Understand why customers come to your website.

The first step to a better conversion rate is keeping people on the site longer. To do that you must understand your customer so that you can deliver an experience that satisfies their purchase needs.

Successful businesses develop a Customer Persona, which describes in detail their ideal customer’s behavioral and purchase characteristics. A good business will continuously update the Customer Persona with information about the customer and their “Path to Purchase” as well as the roadblocks to purchase.  Once you have a solid Customer Persona, you will have a much better understanding of the expectations that the customer has when they reach your website.

Customer Persona
Customer Persona Template - Click to Download

Deliver on customer expectations

Every person who visits your site has an expectation of what will be there. If they find what they are expecting, the conversion rate will increase. Here are a few ways you have already set your user’s that expectations:

  • Business name
  • URL Address
  • Ad Copy
  • SEO Activities
  • Blog and Social Media Activities

People are impatient and if they expect to see a site dealing with sandals and the first image they see is of a blouse, that disconnect will spell “A.B.A.N.D.O.N.”

Make sure your customer knows exactly what your site’s Unique Value Proposition is and why they should trust your site to deliver on their expectations. Remember, you are not in a physical shop where you can speak with the customer and guide them through the store. At every place the customer engages with your site, there needs to be a connection to the Path to Purchase as identified in your Customer Persona Worksheet.

Make sure your site is easy to navigate and doesn’t overwhelm

Site design is critical to conversion rate performance! Things like imagery, font and text-to-image ratio all make a big difference to the user. Website design has a trend element to consider as well.  Today’s best performing sites are image heavy and have significant white-space so as to quickly communicate the message while focusing the eye on exactly what is important. If your site looks too far off what might be considered ‘normal’ by your user, abandonment will rise and conversion rate will fall due to perceived ‘freshness’ issues.

Are your menus clear and well organized? Do they anticipate the questions that your ideal customer will be asking? If in doubt, check your Customer Avatar Worksheet to make sure you understand the customer’s potential questions and potential menu choices.

Keep the clicks to a minimum

Each time you force a customer to click in order to advance through the purchase funnel, you lose a percentage of today’s hyper-distracted audience. invented ‘1-Click Ordering’ because they understood that too many clicks during the payment process resulted in lost sales.  By eliminating the re-entering of payment information, Amazon’s abandonment rate decreased & conversion rate rose as the checkout process became shorter and less prone to error.

Limit distractions and ways to exit the purchase funnel

Many websites give the user multiple ways to exit the purchase funnel thinking they are being helpful. In-line hyperlinks leading to new information, popups, and distracting sidebars are just a few ways site owners disrupt the purchase path and increase user abandonment.  While presenting your goods and services is critical to success, resist the urge to give the customer too many ways to escape the purchase path you have laid out for them.  Your job is to get the customer to purchase quickly, without distraction all the while, increasing user joy.

If your business needs to increase its conversion rate and gain more customers, contact Digital DocKtor.  We help businesses of all kinds succeed in the first 10 seconds so they generate more sales.

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